AdteXo Athletics LLC Introduces the Original Ball Attachment to 

“ Harness the Power of Sport”

Mike Atkinson: Ball Attachment

Basketball, started in America in 1891, has been ranked as the third most popular sport after Football and Baseball. The NBA (National Basketball Association) is one of the top associations that organizes professional basketball games in the United States, with an estimated number of over 14,000 attendees per game. Furthermore, the basketball sports equipment industry is worth millions of dollars and this number is only increasing per year.  

AdteXo Athletics LLC, founded by ATC/Strength Coach, Rob Conatser and NBA Performance Coach, Mike Atkinson, is introducing a new functional training tool, called the Original Ball Attachment (patent pending). It is specifically designed for NBA coaches and athletes, as well as other professional league players. Manufactured in the United States and 100% factory guaranteed, it fits a men’s regulation basketball size.

The Ball Attachment allows athletes to train anywhere, any time, and conveniently, any place. It is designed in such a way that it can attach to any type of resistance like a pulley, band or cable, and this can be attached to any hook, pole, or sturdy device that can withstand the resistance. This offers a three dimensionality to training, creating versatility and variety. 

When it comes to training for any sport, especially Basketball, it’s important to consider the best training programs that will benefit the skills and performance of the athletes involved. Backed by experience from two of the best performance and strength coaches in their industries, the Ball Attachment aims to deliver. 

As Mike Atkinson states, ‘Having the ability to add intent and sport specific training along with fundamental strength and conditioning, the Ball Attachment is a tool I use daily when working with my NBA clients as well as youth development programming. The options really are limitless for Player Development and Athletic Development’. 

What Can the Ball Attachment Be Used For?

There are various areas of athletic development the Ball Attachment can be used for, all contributing to an athlete’s functional movements, as well as speed, power, and agility when on the basketball court, these are some of the following:

  • Core Training
  • Grip Strength
  • Power and Dynamic Resistance Training
  • Movement Training, including Rotational and Multi-planar Movements
  • Strength and Conditioning

In addition to the above areas of fitness and training, the Ball Attachment is also applied to Sport Specific movements, which will be leveraged to its full capabilities when working with a coach who understands what is required. 

Youth Development Tool 

According to recent statistics, over 500, 000 boys and over 350, 000 girls joined high school basketball throughout 2018/2019. It has become a sport not only for boys, but for everyone, and with this the need for further development and training will increase, leading to a further increased need for tools and equipment providing optimal training capabilities. 

The Ball Attachment is used as a tool for youth development programs, which is a part of Rob Conatser and Mike Atkinson’s mission for this new product. Their goal is to support Youth Sports by giving back to non-profit youth programs in the form of training tools, and this is something they both look forward to expanding in 2021. 

With that said, many young avid Basketball fans will want their Ball Attachment knowing that it is used by their favorite celebrity Basketball player, Mike Atkinson. Atkinson’s NBA and celebrity training with the Ball Attachment has given the product a global reach, making international sales alongside successful domestic and team sales, which include College and Professional teams. 

Numerous other NBA and WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) professionals, like Enes Kanter, have used the Ball Attachment as part of their training program, and  the playful and interactive nature of this new tool, and its various techniques and tricks, can be viewed on Instagram, @ballattachment.  

Where is the Ball Attachment Available?

Basketball fans and professionals can order the Ball Attachment (ball not included) through the Original Ball Attachment website, where they can find more information about the costs and return policies included.